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Taliban militants have fun at Kabul Amusement Park

In what has been named as ‘surreal’ a few recordings of Taliban warriors chuckling and having a happy time at Kabul Entertainment Stop has surfaced making for sharp differentiate as citizens are attempting frantically to escape from the strife-torn nation.

A day after usurping control in Afghanistan, the Taliban has been making worldwide features as the country dives into profound political emergency. In spite of the fact that the Taliban has kept up that that they need quiet relations with other nations and would regard the rights of ladies as allowed by Islamic law.

In these recordings the Taliban warriors are seen snickering and riding electric bumper cars whereas holding attack rifles and weapons. Comparative recordings surfaced of the equipped activists in a exercise center.

Watch videos here:

Among scenes of lose hope and anguish these recordings of the outfitted activists getting a charge out of themselves at the Kabul Amusement Park which has gone been broadly shared on the social media stands out in sharp contrast. Here’s another video of the aggressors at the trampoline:

In the mean time, nations are scrambling to empty their ambassadors and citizens from the war-torn nation because it dives into encourage political emergency.